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Addr: E2-310, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, 200 Linghu Avenue, Wuxi City, New Wu District
Tel: 086-0510-83507313 / 18961868200
Fax: 086-510-83507313
E-mail: 2668242079@qq.com
Website: http://www.hyvda.com
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1. Open free customer service hotline:
    Open free customer service hotline 189-618-68200

    After-sales engineer: 18961868200

2. On-site service process:
    1. Present the "Wuxi Huayao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Customer Service Personnel Certificate" when visiting the service
    2. After the machine is installed, the training and explanation are in place
    3. After the service, the machine returns to its place and the site is cleaned to satisfy customers
    4. After the service is completed, the customer can leave after signing the service report
    5. After installation and maintenance, the customer service personnel should keep the contact information unblocked

3. Not allowed:
    Door-to-door service is not allowed to be delayed, and service specifications are not allowed to be implemented biased
    Dealing with problems are not allowed to prevaricate, and information transmission is not allowed to miss or delay

4. Service commitment:
   Answer all questions, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance

5. Complaints must be corrected
   If you do not get a satisfactory answer, please call to complain: 18961868200

Wuxi Huayao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has established after-sales service offices in all provinces (cities) across the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to provide timely, efficient and high-quality after-sales service to customers across the country.

Addr:E2-310, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, 200 Linghu Avenue, Wuxi City, New Wu District  Tel:086-0510-83507313 / 18961868200    
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