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          Quality Manager

          description of job:

          1. Responsible for the management and work arrangement of the personnel in the department, and responsible for the company's product quality;

          2. Responsible for the overall arrangement of the company's qualification certificates and clinical work;

          3. Responsible for the cooperation and development of the company's management review work;

          4. Responsible for processing and feedback of customer feedback information;

          5. Cooperate with the office to do job training and job ability evaluation for staff in various positions;

          6. Responsible for organizing relevant departments/personnel to prepare quality manuals, and organizing regular reviews of existing system documents;

          7. Responsible for inspecting, supervising and guiding the issuance and filing of management documents of the quality management system;

          8. Responsible for the management of inspection and test equipment, instruments and measuring instruments;

          9. Responsible for the preparation, summary and reporting of adverse events, and the handling of recalled products.


          1. College degree or above, major in electronics, mechanics, computer, clinical medicine, etc.;

          2. Have more than three years of experience in quality management of Class II and Class III active medical devices;

          3. Familiar with ISO 13485 quality management system and understand GMP;

          4. Participated in product registration, system establishment and audit;

          5. Have a good team spirit, good overall quality, and professionalism.


          Product development engineer

          description of job:

          1. Responsible for the design of the circuit part of product development. Relevant work such as plan refinement, electronic design, prototype production, debugging verification and improvement;

          2. Responsible for the technical specifications, testing and improvement of electronic circuits;

          3. Project development process management, able to reasonably decompose and manage tasks;

          4. Complete the preparation and maintenance of product development and design documents;

          5. Compilation and update of product technical data.


          1. Electronics-related majors, more than three years of work experience for undergraduates, and more than one year of work experience for graduates;

          2. Familiar with basic analog electronic and digital electronic circuits, able to independently complete circuit schematics and PCB design;

          3. Have MCU development experience, be familiar with the software programming of the MCU, and be able to simulate and debug the software;

          4. Familiar with the relevant regulations of ISO 13485, YY 0505, GB 9706;

          5. Strong project organization and management capabilities, strong planning, organization, and coordination capabilities are preferred;

          6. Have good independent working ability, team spirit and communication skills.


          Regional Sales Manager

          Medical equipment (regional) sales manager (full-time and part-time)

          Sales area (Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hunan, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Hubei, etc.)

          1. Job description:

          1. Complete the sales target in the area under its jurisdiction.

          2. The organization and implementation of specific sales plans.

          3. Responsible for the development and maintenance of product sales channels and customers.

          4. Lead the bidding work in the area under its jurisdiction.

          5. Cooperate with product technical support and after-sales service.

          2. Employment conditions

          1. Experience in sales of ICU and anesthesiology related equipment is preferred.

          2. Those who have certain market resources for medical devices (consumables) are preferred.

          3. Be responsible, stable, and challenging.


          Assistant to the National Sales Director of Medical Devices

          description of job:

          1. Determine the work plan according to the company's business objectives and organize its implementation;

          2. Understand industry information and analyze industry trends;

          3. Establishment of sales channels;

          4. Management of the sales team;

          5. Management of dealers;

          6. Develop exhibition plans and organize implementation;

          7. Promotion and sales of products;

          8. Customer maintenance and management.


          1. Three years or more of relevant work experience in marketing related majors, medical related majors or related fields is preferred;

          2. Sales experience in ICU and anesthesiology department is preferred;

          3. High overall quality, good image and temperament, good coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to withstand certain work pressure;

          4.Has the characteristics of rigorous, calm, and challenging spirit;

          5.Able to adapt to long-term business trips;

          6. The age is about 30 years old.


          Telephone Merchants

          1. Job description:

          1. Telephone investment for related products of the company.

          2. Employment conditions

          1. College degree or above, relevant work experience is preferred.

          2. Marketing related majors and outstanding fresh graduates;

          3. Have good coordination and communication skills.


          Addr:E2-310, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, 200 Linghu Avenue, Wuxi City, New Wu District  Tel:086-0510-83507313 / 18961868200    
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