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Case Name:Clinical application
Case Detailed:
The pressure monitor of the balloon is used for continuous monitoring and control of the pressure of the artificial airway sleeve during mechanical ventilation, so that the cuff bag keeps a constant pressure, so as to reduce the incidence rate of ventilator associated pneumonia and reduce the tracheal injury of the patient.
The air bag pressure monitor is connected with the artificial air bag. The internal pressure sensor of the air bag pressure monitor collects data in real time to judge the pressure degree between the inner wall of the patient's trachea and the air bag, so as to assist the sputum generated by the patient not to enter the lung and reduce the breeding of pneumonia. As the component software provided by the system, its main functions include real-time data acquisition of airbag pressure sensor, opening / closing air pump, opening / closing air valve, data display, continuous monitoring without manual duty, etc. It is applicable to hospitals, ICUs and other places to assist medical staff in clinical monitoring.
Addr:E2-310, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, 200 Linghu Avenue, Wuxi City, New Wu District  Tel:086-0510-83507313 / 18961868200    
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