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          Cuff Controller
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          Product Name:Cuff Controller HPC-1
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          Cuff Controller HPC-1

          According to the recommendations of the VAP prevention and control guidelines, adjusting the pressure of the artificial airway balloon, continuous subglottic suction, raising the height of the bed, and monitoring the residual amount of gastric contents are clustering strategies to prevent aspiration. It has been proven to reduce the incidence of VAP. VAP The prevention and control guidelines recommend that the ideal balloon pressure of the artificial airway balloon is 25~30cmH2O, which can close the airway while avoiding ischemic injury to the airway mucosa. The guarantee of the balloon pressure has become a clinical problem. The guidelines recommend three times a day Monitoring and adjustment, but studies have shown that only 36.7% of the pressure measured before the balloon pressure measurement three times a day are still within 25~30cmH2O, and 60.2% of patients have a pressure lower than 25cmH2O, which significantly increases the risk of aspiration , 3.1% of patients have a pressure higher than 30cmH2O, which is prone to airway pressure injury, and it is difficult to increase the frequency of clinical manual monitoring.

          In the early days, foreign VBM manufacturers developed a hand-pinch inflatable pressure measuring mechanical meter, but it cannot be monitored in real time. Because the air bag is located in the trachea, medical staff cannot directly see the pressure of the air bag, forcing medical staff to go to the bedside to check the pressure inside the bag. In each re-test, due to problems such as insufficient air tightness of the capsule, it was found that the pressure had been too low, and the risk of aspiration was prone to occur, which made the patient vulnerable to infectious pneumonia. The company currently uses MCU to control the inflation, deflation and internal pressure of the airbag in real time by controlling the micro air pump and the micro deflation solenoid valve based on the preset pressure value and the value detected by the pressure sensor. The external gas connection pipeline has a gas pressure stabilizing pot, which is used to stabilize the gas pressure and reduce the instantaneous large pressure fluctuations caused by charging and discharging in the pipeline system with a small volume. The spiral model is used in the software development process to place high-risk and high-difficulty modules in the early stage of software development to reasonably avoid software risks, and its risk level is low. From the perspective of system safety, the system provides manual operation to avoid reinserting the airbag and causing secondary injury to the patient. From the information security of the software itself, the system provides real-time pressure data and displays it in real time, which can be used by nursing staff with operating authority, which can ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Traditional VBM's hand-squeezed products can hardly meet this requirement, nor can they meet the needs of current development. Therefore, to improve the lack of traditional inflatable pressure measurement methods, to develop and produce intelligent, accurate, high-performance, and high-quality products has become the expectation of medical equipment users and the gospel of patients; as a company with a sense of social responsibility, it is necessary to develop and produce real-time products. Monitor artificial airway balloon pressure monitor.

          The product was produced under this background. With the help and practice of clinical medical staff and equipment experts, the software solved the problem of how to monitor the airbag pressure in real time.

          The innovation of the project

          Compared with the traditional hand-squeezed inflation pressure gauge, this software has the following advantages:

          (1) Real-time detection of airbag pressure;

          (2) Make the air pressure in the airbag within the set range;

          (3) If the pressure is too high, deflate the air, and if the pressure is too low, replenish the air, and set a reminder so that the medical staff can find it in time;

          (4) Effectively avoid the ischemic injury of the airway mucosa caused by excessive pressure;

          (5) Effectively overcome the aspiration of residual gastric contents caused by too little pressure;

          (6) Improve the work efficiency of medical staff;

          (7) Use the connecting pipeline to increase the volume so that the pressure changes smoothly;

          (8) Improve pressure accuracy, achieve precise pressure control, and real-time dynamic monitoring.

          The main purpose of the design and development of the "airbag pressure monitor software" is to overcome the disadvantages of the currently used airway tracheal tracheal airbag pressure automatic real-time detection is not high, manual operation and other defects. This product is connected to the trachea and collects real-time data through a pressure sensor to determine the pressure between the inner wall of the patient's trachea and the air sac, helping the patient's sputum not to enter the lungs and reducing the growth of pneumonia. As the component software provided by the system, its main functions: real-time collection of airbag pressure sensor data, open/close air pump, open/close air valve, data display, etc. Except for opening the trachea with the airbag, the system does not have any physical contact with the user, and there is no restriction on the user group. Applicable to hospital ICU and other places to assist medical staff in clinical monitoring.Cuff Controller HPC-1Cuff Controller HPC-1Cuff Controller HPC-1Cuff Controller HPC-1Cuff Controller HPC-1

          Addr:E2-310, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, 200 Linghu Avenue, Wuxi City, New Wu District  Tel:086-0510-83507313 / 18961868200    
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